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We travel for different purposes and reasons, sometimes we are tired of our daily routine, and therefore we want to have some enjoyment and connecting with the other people living in the world. European people prefer to visit multiple cities of Pakistan as they are extremely beautiful. Pakistan has a large number of tourist attractions. Faisalabad is considered as one of the largest cities of the country.  It contributes to the economy of Pakistan excessively. It is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan due to this reason.  Here are some of the informative facts about Faisalabad which makes it fascinating for sightseeing purposes, that why’s people of Oslo reserve Cheap Flights from Oslo to Faisalabad.

Faisalabad was known as Lyallpur from the old days however in 1977 the Government of Pakistan changed its name to Faisalabad for honoring the king of Saudi Arabia, Shah Faisal who was a great benefactor for the state.  After the change, developments in every sector were started by the government and private sector therefore it became an important commercial hub of Pakistan. It can be easily approached by the Norwegian passengers through Faisalabad International Airport. It was mainly built to connect this industrial city with the rest of the world. PIA, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar and Turkish are the prominent companies which operates Flights Oslo to Faisalabad.  After landing in the city, different road routes can be taken by them to visit different beautiful places of Faisalabad.

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Clock Tower is the largest tower of the city. It looks extremely colorful in the night, when the lights of the tower are set on. Gumti Water Fountain is a landmark by the British Government, it is situated on roundabout with a fountain, and it had served an area for the town meetings during their time. Qaisery Gate is gate of Faisalabad which was also built by the British. It is next to the Faisalabad Clock Tower which is the entrance for eight markets; therefore it is a very important marketplace. The town has many libraries Allama Iqbal Library, Municipal Corporation Public Library, University of Agriculture Libraries, Punjab Medical College Library, The Forest Library, Government College University Library are the prominent libraries. They can be reached to study and view various books on different subjects. Lyallpur Museum is the ancient museum while Agricultural is visited to see old agricultural tools used by the Pakistani farmers and rural people.

In addition to them, the city has a variety of shopping areas, there are many types of shopping markets available there. Eight Markets around the Clock Tower are major wholesale and purchasing centers. There are specialized markets in the city to get specific items. Katchery Bazaar for the mobile phones and their accessories, Rail Bazaar is gold and cloth market, Bhawana Bazaar is concerned for the electrical goods. Jhang Bazaar deals in multiple food items like fishes, tasty vegetables and delicious fruits, Aminpur Bazaar sells stationery and interior designing decoration items, Kharkhana Bazaar sells medicines etc. There are also shopping malls like D Ground, RCG Mall, Sitara Hall, Koh-i-Noor Mall are some of the famous ones. The tourists also arrive in supermarkets to buy various items. Metro Cash and Carry, Al-Fatah, Chen One, Mega Mart and SB Department Stores are the examples of hypermarkets. The major brands of Pakistan have their outlets. 

There are many parks and sports areas located there. Gatwala Wildlife Park is the famous natural park when there is lot of wildlife and other facilities are installed.  It has large green area, canals and lakes and rides for the children. Boating is also available in the lakes. Jinnah Garden and D Ground Park are other options for the parks. There are also sporting locations to view different games played in the city. Iqbal Stadium is famous for cricket and Faisalabad Hockey Stadium for hockey. Aqua Water Park and Swimming Pool, Gatwala Swimming Pool, Lyallpur Gym Khana, Dream Land (Gatwala) can be reached by the tourists who have the passion of swimming.

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