Rawal Lake Islamabad

Rawal Lake is the identity of Islamabad city. This lake serves not only to fulfill the water needs of the city but also serves for the entertainment of the people. Many of the private clubs initiate the adventurous activities on this Lake. On other hand nature also added the beautiful and charming environment on the Lake.

Rawal Lake is the subsidiary of Korang River and located in the region of Islamabad. This lake is an artificial lake and acts as the large reservoir of water, fulfilling the water needs of twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The Rawal Lake is also associated with the Rawal Dam. With the passage of time this lake is becoming the most important and entertaining point for the people of Pakistan. Rawal Lake is among the Margalla Hills, which gives a wild nature reflection to its visitors.

Rawal Lake is one of the best points for picnic in Islamabad. On the weekends one can find the hustle and bustle of families on this point. Rawal Lake is surrounded by the garden and trees adding the beauty of this lake. For the boating and fishing lovers this lake also facilitates such experiences. Water skating, sailing and diving are also the adventurous activities organized on Rawal Lake. All of these activities give the opportunity to new as well as old ones to get experiences from the water of this lake.

Rawal Lake is the combination of many of the Entertainments. This Lake provides the fabulous views of Margalla Hills which automatically grabs the all of the attentions. Walking on the green grass of lake gardens gives a sense of pleasure. On this beautiful point there is also the facility of refreshment in form of food. Where the delicious food items of nearly restaurants keeps a connection of between the Rawal Lake and its visitor’s memory. Rawal Lake also houses many species of animals including yellow-throated marten, wild boar, jackals and snakes etc. You may also watch the beauty of the lake by booking the Cheap Flights to Islamabad or by travel through bus.