Masjid Wazir Khan

Masjid Wazir Khan is a historical monument or Mosque located in Lahore. The historical Mosque is situated near Delhi Door and off the Kashmir Bazar. Wazir Khan Mosque is constructed by Hakim Aliuddin in 1634.  

This stupendous landmark named as Wazir Khan Mosque was constructed by the really popular Governor of the Punjab, Hakim Aliuddin in 1634. Hailing from the Punjab town of Chiniot on the banks of the stream Chenab, Aliuddin had been utilized by Prince Khurram doctor. He rendered extraordinary administration to the ruler throughout the different fights, and turned into a standout amongst the most trusted assistants of the Prince it was Aliuddin, on top of Prince Shah Shuja, who was depended with the errand of carrying the collection of the expired monarch Mumtaz Mahal from Burhanpur to Agra to be covered in the Taj Mahal.

The mosque is spotted around the range of a furlong from the Delhi door and off the Kashmiri bazaar. Crossing the clamoring bazaar through a passage, past which the towering minaret of Wazir Khan's mosque invites you, you transform left into the chowk named after the developer of the mosque. The chowk outside the mosque most likely once shaped a paramount part of the arrangement of the old city of Lahore. The mosque was so placed in the core of the city that all the major tracks and bazaars were interfaced with it at right plots.

The chowk is encased by other Mughal structures fusing abandoning extensions. In perspective of the absence of a jamia masjid in the fortification throughout Shah Jahan's rule Badshahi Masjid was fabricated late, Wazir Khan's mosque served as royal Jamia Masjid, used by the ruler and his grandees and extensive entourage to offer Friday petitions to God, till the construction of of Badshahi Mosque, likely, the ruler and his whole entourage, leaving from Akbari Gateway of the Fort, navigated the track by means of Masti Gate Bazaar, Chunna Mandi Chowk, Kotwali Walla Bazaar and Chowk Kotwali to touch base at the sublimely improved Wazir Khan Mosque.

The mosque is arranged on a raised stage and is arrived at by a flight of steps to the east. The encroaching east entryway a grandiose aiwan or Timurid peshtatq with its beautiful muqarnas semi-domical top, flanked by enlivening oriel-like anticipating galleries on the upper level—invites you into its octagonal vestibule.  The six steps in this wide entry accelerate a stage under the front specialty of this door; an alternate step expedites the inside of a secured octagonal court, the focal domed position of this entryway. This focal roofed zone is joined by steps on each of the four sides: one enters from the east and north through a stages entry, and from this same focus, inverse the east door way, one crosses some steps to the west to enter the yard of the mosque.

How to Get at Masjid Wazir Khan:

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