Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo is included in the list of those famous places in Lahore, the name of which comes first for spending a holiday. Lahore Zoo is the oldest zoo of Pakistan. Lahore Zoo is not only famous among the children’s but also liked by the youngsters. One can find a huge hustle and bustle of the people relating to all classes of society in Lahore Zoo. Many people from inside the country or outside the country are interested in watching the fascinataing place and they Travel to Lahore by bus or by taking the flights  to Lahore. 

Lahore Zoo is the house of entertainment for kids in Lahore. This Zoo was established in 1872 with few of the animal species donated by the Lal Mahundra Ram and is the 4th oldest Zoo of the world. Lahore Zoo is on the famous Mall Road of the Lahore. The Zoo is managed and controlled by the Wildlife & Parks department of the Pakistan Government. It is the most favourite place among the kids not only from the Lahore city but also in all over the Pakistan.

There are currently 1381 animals in Lahore Zoo and which are related to 136 species of animals. Lahore Zoo is not just the Zoo like others; it does now arrange many events and programs of educating the visitors. Touch Table and Talk Time are the opportunities in which visitors can get valuable information about the animals. Lahore Zoo also hosts the educational trips and different events for the awareness to general public. Camel ride and elephant ride are the famous in Lahore Zoo, whereas the Lions cage, Monkeys cage and crocodiles ponds are most seen in Zoo. Lahore Zoo is divided into various sections or houses according to the species of the animals including the Snake House, Giraffe House, Fancy House and Elephant House. For the refreshment of visitors there is also a canteen or cafeteria in Lahore Zoo and a gift shop which reminds about the wonderful tour of Lahore Zoo.