Jahangir Tomb

Jahangir was the bravest, honest and kind heart son of Great Emperor Akber, which can be proved from his reign. He was the eldest son, so this position led the Jahangir to many of the responsibilities. Jahangir wife’s name was Noor Jahan. Jahangir died at the age of 58 in 1627. The tomb of Jahangir is a famous place of Lahore and sometimes considered as the identity of this city.

For the history lovers Jahangir’s Tomb is a spectacular place to make their steps on the pages of history. The tomb of Jahangir is situated in the city of Lahore. Jahangir was the 4th Mughal Emperor and his real name was Noor-ul-Din. Jahangir remains emperor for 20years and died in the age of 58. In this period of life, Jahangir was interacted with many of the conspiracy forces. Sometime these were from the belongings of the emperor and sometimes outside of the relations. This tomb was built by the Noor Jahan on her own expenses. The construction of the tomb lasts for ten years by different persons in history but there are also evidences of initial constructions financed by the wife of Jahangir.

There are two main entering ways into the tomb. Both of the ways take the visitors into the garden outside the Tomb. These gardens are divided into four parts. Jahangir tomb is made by the unique quality red marble. This tomb of Jahangir reminds about a story of great love between a man and his wife. It is just like the Taj Mahal of India because that mausoleum was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz, both of the Taj Mehal and Jahangir Tomb shows that there was no difference in the love by any gender but the thing which matters a lot was the love itself in the life of these Mughal Emperors. The tomb also has an important place in the historical reserves of the Pakistan and the people from the other countries can easily watch out these dazzling attractions by getting Best Flight Deals to Pakistan