Gates of Multan

Multan is known as the city of saints because many of the saints belongs to multan and their tombs are also in Multan. Multan is also famous because of its six historical gates. these gates are the major attractions of the tourists. Mainly the tourists prefer to visit these historical gates of Multan if they visit Multan.

Multan is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's fifth biggest city by populace. The city is found on the banks of the Chenab River in the geographic focal point of the nation.

Multan is regarded as the City of Saints due to the vast number of sanctums and Sufi holy persons from the city. The city is covered with bazaars, mosques, places of worship, and elaborate tombs. Multan is spotted in a curve made by five streams of focal Pakistan.

Multan is also famous because of its Historical gates. These Historical gates are named as Doulat Gate, Delhi Gate, Pak Gate, Haram Gate, Bohar Gate and Lohari Gate. These historical gates of Multan are considered as the best tourists attractions in Pakistan.

Doulat Gate is vanished in promptly days. Just the name is vivified & the spot where it was to be. It is believed that the Gate called "Doulat Gate", in view of the Mazar of "Pir Doulat Shah" which is on the front of the Gate. The Mazar is still there and individuals come and pay visits. Notwithstanding because of modernization and improvements of round street over the city this "Mazar" interferes with the two way & just the tomb zone left.

Delhi Gate is one of the historical gates in Multan. Delhi Gate, Multan is named as Delhi Gate because it faces towards Delhi-India and its road leads towards Delhi. During Mughal Period whenever the Kings visited this place they usually entered through this gate.

Bohar Gate is named as Bohar because at the outside of this gate there were many Bohar trees. Bohar Gate is one of the most famous gates in Multan.  The gate faced towards the River Ravi. When Multan was a busy River Port the gate was known as the main entrance for the Supply of Food and Communication. But now with the passage of time River Ravi had changed its way. Now there are many commercial centers built around the Bohar Gate.   

One of the historical Gates in Multan is known as Pak Gate. The gate is known as “Pak” not because it is situated in Pakistan but because of the saint of Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. He was first buried in Uch Shareef near the grave of his father. But his followers have full faith on him and they bring his dead body there and buried him in Multan.   

The historical gate is named as “Lohari” because outside the region of this gate there are many Blacksmiths lived and they have their own workshops there.

Haram Gate is located in Multan and it is one of the historical gates in Multan. Haram Gate is placed on Akbar Road near Masjid Hafiz Luqman Wali, Multan, Pakistan. This door is said as a Haram Gate on the grounds that numerous individuals say it has a Haram or Women quarter of the Saint Musa Pak Shaheed. Haram Gate is likewise one of old doors exhibit in legitimate structure in Multan city.

How to Get The Gates of Multan

The best way to reach Multan is taking a Flights to Lahore. Most of airlines fly to Lahore from other international airports as well. After you have reached Lahore, you can take a further local flight to Multan or opt for train. Rather, the best way would be to use Dawoo bus service from Lahore to Multan which typically takes around 6 hours of travel.