Food Street Lahore

Lahore Food Street is a name of taste. Lahore Food Street offers a lot of delicious and traditional dishes, which are not only famous among the Lahorians but also liked by the people coming from out of the city. This is the street of Lahore where the hustle and bustle can be seen for late night. People came to the street in groups or with families. The uniqueness of the Lahore Food Street comes with its dishes, which are prepared in traditional ways by using “Desi Ghee” or Butter. The way of serving these food dishes also matters a lot. Lahore is the city which is well-known among the people beacuse of its gorgeous attractions and cuisines as well. A wide variety of foods is available in the city and many people Travel to Lahore from the other cities to enjoy the delicious cuisines. 

Lahore is the city of open heart people. This city has a unique place due to its strategic importance in the economy of Pakistan. The city is included in the developed cities of Pakistan, that’s the reason by which many of the Pakistan nationals prefer to relocate to this city. Lahore city provides a bundle of entertainment activities, events and festivals to its people. There is a saying famous in Pakistan regarding the people of Lahore that these people are crazy for food. Desi dishes are the more likely eat in Lahore. With reference to this, there are many locations in Lahore which are itself specific to the food. Lahore Food Street or Gawal Mandi is the on top in all of the locations. This is not only on top but also the oldest Food Street of Lahore.

Lahore Food Street is located on the main road of Lahore which is Mall Road, opposite of Anarkali Bazaar. One can find the huge hustle and bustle in this market at any time. Lahore Food Street knows becomes the place of all type foods. But the reflection of desi food is dominated over the fast and other food types. Lassi, Dahi, Nan Chanay, Siri Pai and halwa pori are the foods served in morning. Nehari is most selling dish of Lahore food Street. Coming with the Desi food trend “Karai” or “Handi” are the most eatable in Gawal Mandi or Lahore Food Street. These are the two alternative words used for the dish, which is cooked by the chicken, mutton and beef. The type of the Handi or Karai decides the name like Chicken Karai, Mutton Karai or Beef Karai. Similarly there are also many Desi dishes of chicken, mutton and beef in which “Makhan” or Butter is specially used. Halleem is another dish made by the mixture of many healthy ingredients. In night time the blowing air from Lahore Food Street also get a Desi touch, where one can find the delicious “Tikka Kabbab” roasted on coals served with “Chantni” and “Salaad”. Tawa Chiken, Chappli Kabbab, Biryani Rice, Chiken Jalfaraizi etc are also the Desi dishes in the Food Street of Lahore.