When there is the name of Ayubia then one can defiantly expects the fun, adventure, thrill, entertainment and pleasant emotions. Most of the people consider the Ayubia as the part of Murree but the reality not confirms this consideration.

Ayubia geographically is the part of beautiful Abbotabad city. Ayubia was declared as a National Park of Pakistan in 1984 and the name was suggested with the late president of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan. Ayubia lies on 8000 feet above the sea level. Ayubia is infect a hill resort of Pakistan, so this having a strategic position on the tourism grounds. The climate situations of this hill station changes strongly with season, in winter the temperature even falls below 0 c whereas summer becomes pleasant but with slightly difference of cold nights. Ayubia National Park consists upon four attractive locations which are Dunga Gali, Changla Gali, Nathia Gali and Bara Gali.

These all attractions of the Ayubia National Park collectively emerge with the natural wonders, which ultimately results in form of a large number of tourists. The Ayubia chairlift is the most famous and interesting among its visitors. While on the lift one can see the roads and houses in Ayubia. It gives the sense of flying over the mountains and a package of beautiful views of the park. This place fulfills the one’s photography craze also. Trekking is another adventurous activity to observe the hidden beauties in this area. 

Now a day, there are many of the restaurants, café’s, motels or hotels in Ayubia, which offer the best services and food to its visitors. The element of luxury in their services adds a value for their customers. That is why Ayubia is also considered as one of the best location for honeymoons. Families arrive there to spend their holidays and to enjoy the experience of picnic on this hill resort.