Swat is a city of natural wonders. The city is gifted with beautiful lakes, mountains, lush green valleys and many other amazing attractions. This city acts as a summer resort for the people of Pakistan. A large number of people from different parts of the world gather here to attend the cultural events and festivals organized in Swat city. Swat on geographical basis is the part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan. History of this Swat city is about 2000 years old which talks about the presence of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims as well in this area. Firstly the area of Swat city was occupied by the Buddhists community, which later supervised by Pashtuns tribe. But currently Swat city houses Pashtun community on majority basis. The city due to its weather conditions is also one of the most attractive locations in Pakistan. Summer in this city comes with rainy winds, whereas snow falling is common in winter which sometimes becomes worse. Summer is the best season to visit Swat Valley.

With the presence of Buddhist community in this area, there are many things founded relating to the Buddha heritage and are kept in Swat Museum. The museum consists upon 7 galleries each with unique and interesting collections. This Museum provides a rich knowledge to the history seekers. Terracotta figurines, coins, precious metals, beads, weapons are some of the known collections in the Museum.

Maindam, Madyan, Bahrain and Kalam are the famous valleys of Swat. Kalam is the valley which holds the credit of sharing most of the goodwill to Swat city. Kalam valley is 6800 ft. above the sea level. Pari Lake amuses the tourists with its connected stories in Swat. it is said that, this lake is for fairies, where they gather to take bath in the clear and fresh water of lake. Due to high altitude of the lake, most of the tourists prefer trekking over mountains to approach the lake. Kundol, Bashigram, Spin Khwar and Daral are the other famous lakes of this city.

Swat city fulfill the thirst of nature lovers and keeps the people on edge by amazing experiences. The city offers big and luxurious names of hotels in which Sarena Hotel, Hotel White Palace and Swat Continental Hotel are on the top. Traditional bazars of Swat contain culture rich items in which old silver jewelry is most famous among the tourists. Swat Garden Restaurant, Gandhara Restaurant and Khorak Mahal are some of the best places to eat in Swat city.