Sahiwal with name of Harappa and its Cattles is known in all over the world. Sahiwal city is an Agro based city, which due to the fertility of its land. The famous crops of the city include Rice, Wheat and Cotton. Mushtaq Ahmad, Munzoor Ellahi and Zahoor Ellahi are the some renowned names which belong to Sahiwal city. There are also a number of education institutions in the city, by which literacy rate of this city is going on increasing.

Sahiwal is the city acting as the administrative and management activities center for Sahiwal District. This fabulous city is on the “Land of Five Rivers” Punjab. Sahiwal city Infect lies between Multan and Lahore. Sahiwal is not so far away from Lahore, so the people whoTravel to Lahore can easily reach there by bus or by car. On historical basis the movement of different people to this city was recorded, in which Sikh and Mughals were dominated. The old name of this city was Montgomery, which then altered with the new name in 1996. The weather situation of this city is hot in summer, whereas it becomes dry during winter.

Sahiwal city is famous due to its closeness to hundred year’s old Harappa site. This archeologist city is a source of getting into the life’s of people in past. Harappa was one of the Urban Revolution based cities in the Indus Valley, which were the center of different activities. Harappa was dominated on other connected areas like Mohenjo Daro. That is why Sahiwal division was the house of Aryans, Balochs, Qureshi and many other classes of the society.

Sahiwal city based upon its agricultural products. To get advantage from its agro products there are many big names, who installed their plants in the city. Sahiwal city is also famous for its Cattles. In the list of all cattle’s Buffalos are on the top. With this factor Sahiwal city is contributing a big portion in the dairy farming industry of Pakistan. Whereas cattle’s, with the name of Zebu or Humped, Red Sindhi and Butana Breeds are the most famous in their category.

Zafar Ali Stadium is the playground for people of Sahiwal, which is used not only for cricket but also served as football playground. The fascinating Bazaar and modern shopping malls of the city are delivering according to the craze of people. An efficient Railway system connects the city with other parts of the Pakistan. Sahiwal Airport is in under construction, which will add another value to the land of Sahiwal city.