Rawalpindi is one of the twin cities in Pakistan. The city has got many developments due to its locality with the federal area of Pakistan. Rawalpindi city is the home of entertainment in Pakistan, where the open theater, fun lands, beautiful picnic gardens, shopping malls etc. facilitate people according their wants. One can find all kinds of goods in the main Saddar Bazaar of Rawalpindi.

 Rawalpindi well known as "Pindi" is the neighbor city of Pakistan’s Capital Islamabad. If you will Travel to Islamabad and reach at Islamabad International Airport, then Hire a car from there and after the travel of half an hour you will reach Rawalpindi. History of Rawalpindi houses many events with roots to famous old city of Taxila, one of them is the railway network resulting the emergence of this area. After the independence of Pakistan when Islamabad city was announced as the capital of Pakistan, this city gained actual developments due to its closeness with territory and gets a boom in population also. Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan. On the basis of climate fluctuations, Rawalpindi city is hot in summer but with thunders whereas the winter is quite cold in this city. 

There is an open air theater in Ayub National Park, excitement of boating activity and play land for children’s are also the pillars of entertainment in this park. Rawal Dam is the famous connected place to Rawalpindi which not only fulfills the needs of water but also proves itself a best place for Picnic, including the activites of boating, fishing, water skating and diving. For the cultural and art related activities, there is a great place in Rawalpindi with the name of Liaqut Memorial Hall. This hall includes the sections of library, exhibitions and stage shows. There are many old architecture places to visit in Rawalpindi like Jain Mander, Gordon College, Purana Qila, Bagh Sardaran, Haveli Sujaan Singh etc. The beauty of Rawalpindi also comes with the International Cricket Stadium attracting a large number of foreign visitors on the matches played. These all are the places in Rawalpindi.

The bazars of Rawalpindi gives the true taste of shopping to its visitors, containing the items of new fashioned and old cultural goods as well. These bazars are equipped with modern shopping malls, fun lands for children’s and different well known stores. Raja Bazaar and Sadder Bazaar are the famous in Rawalpindi.

This city is connected with the Grand Trunk Road, developing a link with other major cities like Lahore, Gujranwala etc. More in transportation the air and railway are also included. Rawalpindi locates a variety of high standard Restaurants offering all range of foods not only to locals but also to the foreigners. There are best hotels in Rawalpindi including PC Hotel and Hotel Shalimar which having a unique name in relevent industry. The best places to taste the foods are Fortress Street, Mei Kong, Namak Mandi, Café din light and Texas Steak House.