Multan City

When there is Discussion about Multan City then the Saints of Multan comes first. This city is included in the historical cities of Pakistan and the uniqueness of Multan in all of them comes with the Sufism touch. The city has now developed by using modern standards, where International Airport of Multan is one of the examples. One can find all of the famous food chains as well as hotels in Multan city.

Multan is known as the “city of Saints”. This city is on the land of five rivers (Punjab) and is the 3rd largest city of Pakistan. On the historical backgrounds, this city is the oldest city not only of Pakistan but also in Asia and situated on the bank of Chenab River. According to the past knowledge of scholars the first name of this city was Kashtpur. That is the famous city dominated by great Islamic martialist Muhammad Bin Qasim. In the beginning, this city was protected by 6 doors, which were used for entrance and exit from the city.

The uniqueness of Multan city is the Sufism culture. With respect to large number of saints in this region, the cultural values of Multan are embedded with this touch. Multan city also serves the country with its tasteful and high quality fruits.

A large number of local visitors are attracted by the Tombs or Shrines in Multan of great historic personalities including Shah Yousaf Gardez, Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Shah Shams, Bahauddin Zakria, Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Multani. Multan museum is the place which is going to grab the attention of its visitors. This museum is on its early stages but contains a huge quantity of historical art samples, medals, coins and many interesting ornaments of past living people. Other attractions of this Shrines city are Multan Arts Councils, Gates of Multan, Aam Khas Bagh, Khooni Burj or Bloody Tower ( known due to a battle between Sikh Raja and British troops) etc.

Now the city has been converted into a mixture of old and new things, giving a fabulous combination for tourism activities. On one side there is new Multan with all of its modern renovations, whereas on the other side old Multan is full of hustle and bustle. Multan city is developed by adding the International Airport, Railway network connected with other parts of the country, modern road transportation and, hospitals equipped with latest technologies and with high standard education providing universities. The high standard hotels in Multan (Ramada Hotel, Sindbad Hotel, Hotel A-One and The Myriad Hotel), restaurants and café’s increase the attraction for the tourists who travel to Multan by getting Best Flight Deals to Pakistan. Tourists can find out all variety of foods from Desi Pakistani Food to Continental or Chinese Foods in Multan. Whereas in sweets Multani Soan Halwa is the famous dish not only liked inside the country but also outside of the Pakistan.

Attractions in Multan City