Mansehra district is gifted with many of the natural attractions. Travelling experience in Mansehra by getting Flights to Peshawar is favorite among the relevant interest oriented people. Lulusar Lake and Saif-ul-Maluk Lake are the famous lakes of Mansehra region. The valleys of Mansehra are the most visited valleys of Pakistan. Plum, Pear, Litchi etc. are included in the juicy fruits of the area. People of Mansehra belong to multi cultures and live with brotherhood and unity.

Mansehra city consists upon mountains and natural attractions. The city is acting as a district for the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. One can easily reach Manseha by getting Flights to Peshawar or by directly ride through bus. The history of Mansehra dates back to the Alexander the Great who ruled over the north India including the Mansehra. Turks, Muslims, Sikh all of these made their steps on the land of Mansehra in different ages of time. The name of the city is called with the name of Man Singh, who was the influential and brave general of the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar army. This city is on the line of major visiting points of the Pakistan. The population of the Mansehra is a mixture of multi-cultural people belonging to different areas in Pakistan. Mansehra city climate becomes cold in the winter season, where summer season not only comes in Mansehra with pleasant weather but also the troops of the visitors.

This city exhibits the real panoramic views of nature, which one had seen on camera. The beautiful and fairy valleys of Mansehra are the main source of attraction. The differentiation of these valleys comes with the level of facilities available to the visitors. Kaghan Valley, Agror Valley and Konsh Valleya are on the top of the list. Kaghan Valley is one of a gift from God to this area, where the delicious and juicy apples of the valley help to remember the fun of the tour for a long time. Tourists while visiting this valley prefer to stay in camps rather staying in the hotels. The Agror valley of Mansehra is the neighbor Valley of Black Mountain. Kunhar is the main river of Mansehra which flows from the Lulusar Lake. This river houses the many unique species of fishes. Mansehra is also famous for its beautiful lakes. Lake Saif-ul-Maluk is the queen of Mansehra, because this lake is the most visited lake in Pakistan. This lake geographically located among the glaciers and in a wild environment. The measurement records regarding the depth of this lake also a big mystery to solve. Lulusar Lake is another reflection of the natural beauty in this area, the green water of the lake represents a spectacular view with snow covered mountains in winter. Mansehra city is on the door step of many of the natural and manmade attractions like Karakoram Highway which leads towards the China.

Travelling through road transportation in Mansehra is also an adventurous activity. The amazing turning roads of this area with slops and heights keep the travelers awake and thrilled. Travelers or tourists can find the best hotels in Mansehra including the Taj Hotel, Karakuram Hotel and Zam Zam Hotel. Apple, Apricot, Plum, Pear and Litchi are some of the delicious fruits of Mansehra. This beautiful city is one of the blessings of God which not only provides the tasty fruits but also many of the natural herbs for the medical purpose. The wildlife of Mansehra city is also very interesting. A number of animal species can be seen in this area including some unique species of birds.