Larkana is a place the agricultural products of which are liked in all over of the Pakistan. That is the land of many old stories and personalities. Most of the population moves on the directions of Islam. With Sindhi and Balochi, Urdu is also most spoken language in Larkana. Hot weather with humidity is the part of climate condition in Larkana city, but nights of the city neglect this climate statement. After getting review about the Best Flight Deals to Pakistan offered by various airlines companies one might be able to get the Flight to the city where he or she wants to reach. 

Larkana is an important city of Sindh province on historical as well as economical basis. The city stands at the 4th largest city of Sindh, Pakistan. The old name of Larkana city was Chandka. There are no exact stories or statistics famous for the origin of this city. But history reveals many other stories, giving reflection to the past of Larkana. In the British time period Sindh was divided into 3 regions. Larkana was the part of Shikarpur. But afterwards Larkana emerged and got its presence by contributing in the movement of Pakistan. Aryans, Greek, Alexander, Kalhora and Talpur all are the parties who ruled over the land of Sindh in different ages of time.

Moheno Daro is the most important and famous place of Larkana District. This archeologist place proves the scenic beauty of the past and show many hidden traditions, customs and livings of this region. That place was famous for its textile items, which were used to trade with the people of other regions. That was the reason by which prosperity and development in this area was emerged as Urban Revolution.

Larkana city is unique in its fertility of Land. The soil of this land gives many kinds of agriculture products. Sugar cane and water melon are the most famous in all of the produces. This city is also associated on political backgrounds with many of the families and personalities. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (ex-president of Pakistan) belonged to the Larkana city. The graves of his many family members are also in Larkana. So the influence of this Bhutto family in Larkana is on major parameters. The Benazir Bhutto Cricket Stadium, Larkana is in one of the examples.

The culture of Larkana city reflects “Peer Mureedi”. There are many shrines in Larkana city, where a large number of people arrive from different parts of the Pakistan. The shrine of Syed Qasim Shah Bukhari is most famous in all of them. Abida Parveen is a big name in Sufism singing, Larkana was also the home place of this personality. Like Karachi city the shopping in Larkana is not so much fashioning but one can find all kind of goods in the bazaars of Larkana. Now there are many modern shopping malls and markets, which contain cultural as well fascinating shopping items. Shahi Bazaar, Sonarki Bazaar and Resham Gali are some of the famous markets for fabulous shopping experiences in Larkana.

Attractions in Larkana