It is said that the roads of Hyderabad city were washed up with perfumed water in the past. The city was founded almost 250 years ago. The specialty of Hyderabad is in its production of Bangles, which are well known in all over the world. Hyderabad city consists upon many historical places including the Hyderabad Fort and Kacha Qila, which were the proud of this city.

Hyderabad city was founded in 1768 by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro. Before the independence of Pakistan, this city Sindh province of Pakistan” due to cleaning of its road with perfumed water. Hyderabad is the 2nd largest city of Sindh. Hyderabad after 1947 houses many of migrates coming from India, who had left behind their belongings. Hyderabad having an important place for the economy of Pakistan, because it serving with many commercial products like soap, textile, mirrors etc. Many of the airlines companies that offers Best Flight Deals to Pakistan doesn't provide direct flights tickets to Hyderabad because the city has no any International Airport for Flights take-off. So one have to book their Flights to Karachiafter reaching there they might be able to easily reach Hyderabad through a bus or a car. Hyderabad is the largest producer of Bangles. The city of Hyderabad remained in the title of Capital city of Sindh under the rule of Talpur. The weather conditions of this city are on medium level. Summer is hot with sometimes dusty air, whereas the temperature at night becomes favorable. Winters are also not very cold enough.

Worthwhile places to go in Hyderabad are the Hyderabad Fort and Kacha Qila. These places were built to protect the inside livings of the city from outer influences. Unfortunately the tomb of Talpur Mirs is going to obsolete, but this tomb is a best piece of architecture work. Rani Bagh is the best place for enjoying the pleasant weather. University of Sindh in Hyderabad is one of the oldest universities of Pakistan. Sindh museum of Hyderabad contains the best samples of old Indus civilization. Shahi Bazaar is another attraction of the city, which contains the traditional Sindhi items and dates back to Kalhora ruler.

Hyderabad is associated with the two Highways network, which are N-5 and N-55 Highway. Rail and Air transport in Hyderabad is also made possible by the Government of Pakistan. Hyderabad city is going on the way of development with the passage of time, now one can see the flyovers, bridges, buildings, underpasses and many other forms if infrastructure due to the commercial importance of the city. Indus Hotel, Hotel Palace and Hotel City Gate are the superior quality hotels in Hyderabad. Hyderabad Rabri (a drink or desert made by milk and many other health conscious ingredients) is the most famous in all over the country. Biryani is another famous dish of Hyderabad.