Faisalabad is Manchester of Pakistan. The city covered by the boundaries of Punjab Province and famous due to its textile products innovations. Faisalabad Clock Tower “Ghanta Ghar” is the oldest structure of the city which is centered by the eight traditional bazaars of Faisalabad, So one can definitely fulfill his/her shopping craze in Faisalabad. The city provides all of the refreshing activities to its visitors like entertainment parks, gardens, fun lands etc.

Faisalabad is the Manchester of Pakistan. This city was the part of planned development program, where the industrial sector promoted after independence of Pakistan. Faisalabad has an important role in the economy of Pakistan, because of its major portion in National Income. The city at the initial was called Lyallpur and emerged as the agricultural city, but after the independence, this city gained the status of commercial and industrial city of Pakistan. This city enjoys all of the seasons, summer is hot and winter is cold in Faisalabad. The culture of Faisalabad is diversified nature due to its industrial growth revolution and livings of different people belong to different areas of the Pakistan.

One of the most famous places in this city is the Clock Tower with 8 connecting Bazaars, where you can find the shopping as an unforgettable experience. Another location for shopping lovers in Faisalabad is the D-Ground shopping area which is best for garments. Iqbal cricket and Faisalabad Hockey Stadium are the places known among the sports lovers. Faisalabad Arts Council exhibit the culture of Pakistan specifically related to Faisalabad. There are fun making places for the children’s with the name of Fun Land and Sindbad. Jinnah Garden and Gattwala Forest Parks becomes the picnic points on change in weather. With reference to sports activities Chenab Club is the place entertaining the visitors by tennis, basketball, badminton, swimming and tennis ball.

Faisalabad Airport is the source of movement inside and outside of the country, whereas the Railway and Roads network also assist in burden of transportation. There are high standard hotels in Faisalabad, top of which are Hotel Grand, Royal Castel Guest House, Namwah Chinese Hotel, PC Hotel and Serena Hotel. Samosa is the famous food item of Faisalabad due to the varity of Chantnies with which it is served to eat. Traditional Biryani & Pulao are most likely served on the parties with kheer as a sweet dish.

How to get there:

Many airlines companies provide the airline tickets to Faislabad, but if in some case the traveller is unable to get the direct ticket then the traveller have the oppurtunity of Travel to Lahore after the booking of flights to this city. After the journey of two hours through bus one might easily reach Faisalabad.