Things to Perform for the Kids During the Air Journey

Published On 15 February 2017

Traveling with kids can turn out to be a nightmarish, if the travel is long and you have not taken care to pack some things to entertain your kids throughout your journey from Norway to Pakistan. As we all know that Kids have more energy than us, so it becomes very difficult for them to sit still for more than half an hour in any place. No point blaming them or threaten them keep their mouth close and sit still on one place. If they succeeded in doing so, then there will habitually be the incessant and vitally shaking of their legs, or shifting in their seats, or playing with their boogers or the continuous digging with their little fingers to ask you all kinds of important and unimportant questions. Not only can it get really tiring for the parents, it may disturb other people travelling in the air plane too, if your child throws a sulk because he is bored and restless. Here are a few ideas that you can try out, to keep your child happy and busy during a long travel.

Fun Activities to Keep Your Child Occupied:

Eatables for Children:

The main thing to remember while your travel from Oslo to Karachi with kids is an empty stomach equals an angry and disconcerted child. To feed your children during your air travel packed the light snacks for them and also tries to avoid the sweetest things to get in plane for them.

Coloring during air travel:

For your children get the coloring book of their favorite character and get a lot of crayons for coloring and sketch pens for drawing, magic markers also for coloring in pictures, and whatever else you can think of that keep your kids occupied. Choose the book properly, with lots of their favorite beautiful pictures, or you can get printouts of their favorite characters and ask them to color those during the journey. This should keep them busy for quite a while and they will not disturb the others. Make sure that they do not color anything other than the pictures in the books.

Gadgets and Other Stuff for Children:

There is a wide variety of gadgets and games that will help you a lot in making your children happy. Along with these gadgets also take walk-mans and i-pods for them to listen. However, for your small kids, you can take the CD or cassette of nursery rhymes and fair-tales along with you that they like, if they like that whereas the PlayStations portable hand held devices, action figures, handheld video games etc., are also great ideas to make them busy.


There is also an amazing way to keep your child busy. It is by getting them interesting games to play as well as with the puzzle to solve. There are also many games that are best suited for the flights to Lahore as well to the other cities and countries.

Printable Games:

You have a lot of options printable games for kids, which will definitely prove as great learning tools for your children. Take these along with you, since they are accurate for kids when they are wedged up in restrained spaces, and cannot move around much.

Rubik's Cube:

The ever best game for flights is the Rubik’s cube. The Kids who are more than six love to pass time doing something challenging and difficult, and those children who are below than six years will be excited with the idea of having different colored squares moving around during their journey. Give them simple amalgamations that are possible, and ask them to solve it. They will be delighted and cheerful when they succeed and they will quite busy for some time.

Movies and Songs for entertainment:

To entertain the children during travelling movies and songs are one of the best ways for entertainment. For this purpose carry along a few of their favorite CDs. Along with you carry a handheld small DVD player or a small laptop with you to entertain them, and you can let your kid watch as many shows of their favorite cartoon as he likes, or as many movies as he likes till the journey is over.

With the help of these useful tips and ideas, you will be better armed for your next long trip through your flights to Peshawar with your kids. Take comfortable clothes for them in the case that they need to change their clothes, and also make sure that they are dressed comfortably. No crying, no irritabilities, and no tearing of membranes or glares from co-passengers.