Places To See in Peshawar Pakistan

Published On 24 March 2017

Traveling to Pakistan is a very interesting activity as it is relatively new for the people living in the city of Oslo.  There are many beautiful cities located in Pakistan and many are large enough. Peshawar is an important city of Pakistan as it is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and homeland of the people Pathan people. They are a nation who have a diverse amount of culture and have great strengths for hosting various guests.

Peshawar is one of the oldest cities of South Asia. In the past, it was inhabited by the Hindu population. When Alexander the Great came to India, he captured the city and Greek started living here. After the advent of Islam, the local population had converted to it thus it became a major Muslim city. It was ruled by various Muslims rulers and dynasties and was a prestigious city for them it was extremely beautiful for them. When British came to this region, they captured it from them. After the independence of Pakistan, the rulers choose to join Pakistan.

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There are many interesting places in the city of Peshawar. There are a variety of old and new buildings available in the area to see. Governor House is the residence of the current governor of the province. It was actually built by the British in their time. It was created in the ancient Greek and Roman to preserve the old architectural heritage. Peshawar Garrison Club is another place to see, it is controlled by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. It is reserved for the military but it can been reached to see the architecture built by the Pakistani military. Kotla Mohsin Khan is the residence of Pashto poet Mazullah Khan, its real name was Kotla Mustajab Khan. The resident of the place has maintained deep relationship with the ruling nobles. Qissa Khwani Bazaar is the popular marketplace located there. It is widely used as a commercial area. It got the name by the ancient merchants used to stay the inns and told stories to others therefore it got this famous name. Kapoor Haveli is an important place. It was the residence of the Kapoor family.  Kapoor family is one of famous artists’ family working in the Bollywood. Bala Hissar Fort is a famous fort located there. It was constructed by the King Timur Shah Durrani in the 18th Century. Book cheap flights to Peshawar to see the amazing places with GoPakistan.

Besides these locations, the city is home for the local Pathan population.Their culture has many trends and fashions. Pashto is the regional spoken over there. Unlike the national events, they celebrate Sheshbeeyeh and Naw-Wraz at the advent of the spring. There are many activates carried out there by the local people at the time these events. They have also diverse type of dances available like Attan and Khattak dance. All of the major sports like cricket, football and hockey are played there. The sport of polo is played extensively there.

Peshawar International Airport is the main sites where international passengers from various cities land in. There are many air companies who offer for the city of Peshawar like PIA, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar and Turkish are some of the popular operators. They are many hotels located in the city of Peshawar like Amin Hotel, Hotel Afandi, Shelton Green, Taj Palace, Ekhwan Inn, Peshawar View and Jan Hotel etc. You can get more information from GoPaksitan

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