Booking Cheap Flights to Islamabad

Published On 18 March 2017

Traveling and touring are an integral part of our life. We travel for our various purposes. We recreate for countless purposes. Sometimes, we visit other countries to study their culture. Others might for the intention of venturing, fearless passion to visit dangerous places. Further types are of art, food and drink, historical, medical, natural and religious etc. Hence, tourism is of several genres. The people of Norway are extremely amiable. This industry has been excessively developed in the Norway; they prefer to visit to other locations of the world. Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It is the most evolved city in the Scandinavian region. The inhabitants of it travel to various destinations from here. Pakistan is the undisputed captivating excursionist site. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is the most advanced locality in Pakistan therefore; passengers have cheap flights Oslo to Islamabad.

Cheap Flights to Islamabad

Islamabad was constructed to have a new capital for the State of Pakistan. The contraction has begun in 1958. Since, the city have been extremely designed and developed by the Government and private sectors. It has an enormous amount of beautiful natural. It lies on the base of Margalla Hills and Potwar Plateau. It contains lot of mountainous and hilly trekking and hiking spots. Daman-e-Koh is a fascinating spot which also have a park. The visitors can have panoramic view of Islamabad from the southern spot of it. They can see the Faisal Mosque, Seventh Avenue and Rawal Lake. Shakarparian and Pir Sohawa are easily accessible from Daman-e-Koh. Pir Sohawa is the elevated hilly area of the Margalla Hills.  Tilla Grani 1181 meters, the highest peak can be easily trek from here. The trippers can journey of Murree which is easily accessible from headquarter city. Murree is the most popular hill station of Pakistan. Faisal Mosque is one of the national monuments of Pakistan. It was constructed in 1976 with the help of financial grant from reigning ruler of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal. Vedat Dalokay was the principal architect of the mosque. It is considered as one of the largest mosques in the world. Furthermore, other holy places are Golra Sharif, Bari Imaam and Baba Badshah.

Lok Virsa and Pakistan Museum are notable museums of the city. Ancient items can be accessed from here.  Moreover, National Art Gallery is the only art gallery of Pakistan which is of exceptional quality.  Different elegant paintings and presentations are showcased here. Fatima Jinnah Park is the largest park of Islamabad, while Lake View, Ankara, Rose and Jasmine are another relaxation spots. Play land of Islamabad is an enjoyment place for the kids. Many games are available in Play land.

Jinnah Sports Stadium and Liaquat Gym are popular athletic emplacements. Recently, The Centaurus is the largest and shopping and retail mall. Major Pakistani commercial brands have outlets there. Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower and World Trade Center Pakistan is the greatest hub for business and trade. Telecom Tower is another official landmark for telecommunication and information technology.

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