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Published On 16 March 2017

Having a trip is an essential source of relaxation and amusement. It is also critical to do networking with the various people. Social Media has taken over the world therefore it communicating with other multitude is fundamental. It increases the social and the cultural knowledge of any individual. Establishing a relationship with anyone in the world is a primary aspect of our life. We travel for indulgence and interrelating with countless people on the globe. The population of Norwegians chooses to visit the Asian region of the world as it is diverse in every aspect from the European domain. Pakistan is the famous tourist attraction for the people. Pakistan has a divergent civilization as compared to rest to the world. The local inhabitants are exceedingly benevolence and cordial, so the European visitor buy cheap flights to Pakistan.

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Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are the major cities with the massive amount of residents living there. These megacities of Pakistan are prominent for contributing to the tourism of Pakistan.

Peshawar is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is an ancient city. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are renowned for their scenic beauty. They can be easily reached by Peshawar. Islamabad have the highest literary rate in Pakistan.  It contains both highlands and lowland locations for sightseeing.  There are numerous parks, mosques, museums, galleries and upland spots. Lahore is known as city of living people. The culture of Lahore is of miscellaneous nature. Mughal architecture is most prevalent in Lahore. There are dozens of such antique buildings. Additionally, there are many shopping malls in Lahore. There are many gardens. Besides it, artistic alluring stations are present to captivate foreigners.  Karachi remains the largest city of Pakistan in terms of population while it is famous locality for reaching to the beaches of Pakistan. The community of Karachi is migrants from India regionally as Muhajirs. There are many marketplaces in Karachi. There are many events held related to the performing arts which are an enchanting source for the outlanders. As a conclusion, all the significant cities have fascinating places to visit.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the national airline of Pakistan. It offers multiple flight, cargo, charter services, hajj and umrah operations etc. The popular cabin service consists of three classes, business, economy plus and economy. Campaigners can choose selected their flight tickets to Pakistan. Booking tickets of PIA is extremely beneficial for the tourists as it is most eminent Pakistani airline. Providing featured services makes it unique from others. Norwegians can effortlessly purchase tickets online as it is a comfortable process.

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