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city of living people


When we say Lahore then there first comes entertainment. Pick your Flights to Lahore and make your steps on the land of pure people, where every person looks happy and comfortable in his/her life. Lahore city itself is a historical land mark within the boundaries of Pakistan.
Neat Clean CITY


Islamabad is the federal area of Pakistan. This city having its own identity and is not included in the boundaries of any province. The city got the status of Capital of Pakistan during the Ayub khan Government. History of this city is associated with the Soan River, which provides water...


When one says Karachi then the reflection of shinning streets comes first in mind. Karachi was the first Capital of Pakistan before Islamabad. Book your Flights from Oslo to Karachi and Travel to Karachi to watch its gorgeous spots.
the city of Flowers


Like Lahore and Karachi, Peshawar city is also the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Peshawar acts as the administrative center for the province from where all of the decisions and directions pass to the other cities. According to the historical back grounds...